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Miscellaneous Scaffold Accessories

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5' x 7' Diagonal Gooser 5' x 7' Diagonal Gooser

Goosers (also called a Grouser) are required on Rolling Towers to prevent racking and keep your scaffolds square when moving. Scaffolds Supply's 5' x 7' Gooser is for use with 5' Wide Scaffold Frames and 7' Long Cross Braces. It would connect diagonally from one frame leg to the frame leg directly opposite, or diagonal in the bay.

  • Goosers are required by OSHA on Rolling Scaffold Towers to prevent racking
  • This gooser is for use with 5' Wide Frames & 7' Long Cross Braces
  • A gooser will keep your base square while continuing your build & adding Hook-On Decks & Guard Rails

Scaffolds Supply's Goosers are powder coated blue High Strength Steel for maximum longevity!

Our Price: $19.75
30" Outrigger for Frame Scaffold 30" Outrigger for Frame Scaffold

Outriggers are used to stabilize and expand the footprint of your Scaffold to build higher within OSHA criteria of a 4:1 height to base ratio. Scaffolds Supply's Outriggers attach to your frame leg with 2-Half Clamps. The Socket on the Outrigger will accept Screw Jacks, Casters, Socket Jacks and Base Plates.

  • This Outrigger will double the base of a 5' Wide Scaffold Frame so you can go higher!
  • These 30" Outriggers are compatible with all major brands of System and Frame Scaffold with tubing diameters of 1.6" Ø - 1.9" Ø
  • This Outrigger has 2-Half Clamps welded on one side which are used to attach the Outrigger to the Scaffold Frame Leg.
  • The Outrigger body is powder coated to prevent rust and minimize scratching
- When using Outriggers Scaffolds Supply strongly recommends adding Screw Jacks or Socket Jacks with Casters or Base Plates as opposed to just Base Plates. The added adjustability ensures a flush base and maximum stability.

Our Price: $31.65