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Scaffold Parts

Roof repairs and inspection, temporary access, exterior or interior building renovations, Scaffold Parts ease your work completely. These parts prevent instability of Scaffolds and offers comfort as well as safety to the team involved in construction. Vertical anchor points in Scaffold Parts help in overcoming instability. With Scaffold Parts, you can also make suspended platforms for maintenance work, temporary roofing and safety rail as well as edge protection. Its stable nature is the testament of its high-end quality.
  • Adapters


    Let all your Scaffolds be fixed and work in all environments with the wide range of Adapters specifically meant for Scaffolding. These are made of structural steel. Some are hot dip galvanized and some are zinc plated. Some are even electroplated and powder coated. All of them are corrosion resistant and highly compatible with Scaffolding tools. Hence Scaffold Adapters from the house of Scaffolds Supply is of superior quality and suitable for all Scaffolding equipment.
  • 12" Caster Wheel (With Brake)

    12" Caster Wheel (With Brake)

    Swiftly move your Scaffold parts with the 12” Caster Wheel with Brake range from the house of Scaffolds Supply. The wheel structure is an amalgamation of high strength low alloy structural steel and the wheels are made of Rubber/Polyurethane to make movements swift. It is corrosion resistant and lasts for long. Hence Scaffold parts movements are becoming simpler.
  • Gates, Ladders & Stairs

    Gates, Ladders & Stairs

    Build the tallest of all towers in ease with the range of Ladders and Stairs from Scaffolds Supply. Also, seal sensitive areas at construction sites to work with zero disturbances. Scaffolds Supply range of Gates, Ladders and Stairs are sturdy, robust and highly reliable. It can withstand heavy weights and seamlessly eases your team’s work.
  • Racks & Baskets

    Racks & Baskets

    Arrange heavy equipment and move them with ease. Place sensitive objects in the hot dip galvanized finish basket made out of structural steel. These are made with heavy structural steel material. Hence it can withstand a maximum weight with ease arranged in different layers. It seamlessly eases your usage and helps you differentiate between different objects.
  • Screw Jacks


    Avail ease of adjustment under load with a complete steel made Scaffolding Jack range from Scaffolds Supply. These are made of high strength low alloy structural steel rods and are not hollow in nature. Hence it can withstand heavy weights with ease. While some of the Jacks you find below are hot dip galvanized, the others are zinc plated or electroplated to ensure they last for long. Most importantly, these are highly weather resistant.