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  • RingLock System Scaffold

    RingLock System Scaffold

    Reduce the humongous time involved in installation of scaffolds to raise the high rises with Ringlock System Scaffold. The extremely flexible nature of Ringlock System allows you to speed up the process and complete it in just few minutes. Thanks to its pre-fabricated body. Moreover, this process offers more flexibility and can cater complex geometries. Most importantly, this is the most cost effective measure for businesses compared to its counterparts. Ease of installation, flexibility and cost effectiveness has allowed businesses to increase productivity and deliver with quality. Also, Ringlock Scaffold can withstand extreme environmental conditions both onshore and offshore.
  • System Scaffold Parts

    System Scaffold Parts

    Roof repairs and inspection, temporary access, exterior or interior building renovations, Scaffold Parts ease your work completely. These parts prevent instability of Scaffolds and offers comfort as well as safety to the team involved in construction. Vertical anchor points in Scaffold Parts help in overcoming instability. With Scaffold Parts, you can also make suspended platforms for maintenance work, temporary roofing and safety rail as well as edge protection. Its stable nature is the testament of its high-end quality.
  • CupLock System Scaffold

    CupLock System Scaffold

    Involving a workforce in building construction is all getting safer day after day. Thanks to the use of Cuplock System Scaffolds from the house of Scaffold Supply. You don’t require bolts, nuts or wedges to lock it as these scaffolds come with quick locking facility. Also, it comes with quick fastening facility which eases the task of setting up. These are well optimized for working at heights. Cuplock System Scaffolds are viable in a range of applications such as continuous façade, birdcage access, staircase access, circular scaffolding etc. Hence your construction works are all set to get eased up and safer to ensure you build the best.
  • Frame Scaffold

    Scaffolds Supply offers the highest quality of scaffold at the best possible prices! Our Safeway Style Frame is compatible with original Safeway ® Scaffold Frames. All of our Scaffold Frames are powder coated to help resist scratches and rust.

    - 1.69" (1-11/16") Frame Leg Outside Diameter
    - 0.095" Frame Leg Wall Thickness
    - Powder coated blue finish
    - Drilled Coupling Pin holes: 45° (2-1/2" from top & bottom of Frame Leg)
    - Top Lock: 8.5" from the top of Frame Leg
    - Lock Type: Drop Lock

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  • Scaffold Towers

    Email us at [email protected] for a custom tower quote!
  • Tube & Clamps

    Tube & Clamps

    Raise the reach of your scaffolds higher and higher and build taller manmade marvels with ease using Scaffold Tube and Clamps from the house of Scaffolds Supply. These Tubes and Clamps are robust, resilient and are easy to fix. It doesn’t require extra tightening as it perfectly sits on the horizontal and vertical rims thereby reducing the humongous time involved in setup process. Adaptable to any situation, can withstand heavy weight, corrosion resistant and rust free. These are some of the characteristics of Twist Lock/Tube Lock range from the house of Scaffolds Supply.

    Tubes and Clamps from the house of Scaffolds Supply are made of superior material and its long lasting nature is a testament of its quality.

  • Post Shores

    Post Shores

  • Scaffold Planks

    Scaffold Planks

    Equip your construction team with the best-in-class state-of-the-art Scaffold Planks for sale from the house of Scaffolds Supply and ensure their safety. These planks are reliable, robust, consistent, long lasting and tough in corrosive environments. Moreover, this is light weight and durable thereby making way for easy movement to elevated spots. Hence there is no question of every single individual’s safety. Scaffold Planks you buy here are suitable for residential as well as commercial purposes. Hence these Planks come with superior quality and can be used for all purposes. Most importantly, it comes in the right weight to handle a maximum of 2 or 3 labourers.
  • Frame Scaffolding Accessories

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