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Scaffold Planks

Equip your construction team with the best in class state of the art Scaffold Planks from the house of Scaffolds Supply and ensure their safety. These planks are reliable, robust, consistent, long lasting and tough in corrosive environments. Moreover, this is light weight and durable thereby making way for easy movement to elevated spots. Hence there is no question of every single individual’s safety. Scaffold Planks you buy here are suitable for residential as well as commercial purposes. Hence these Planks come with superior quality and can be used for all purposes. Most importantly, it comes in the right weight to handle a maximum of 2 or 3 labourers.
  • Flat Hook Steel Planks

    Flat Hook Steel Planks

    Light weight, high strength, anti-corrosive and slip resistant proof. These are the characteristics of the range of Dog Ear Steel Planks from the house of Scaffolds Supply. Moreover, these are easy to assemble, dismantle and suitable for reuse. As the name denotes, these planks come with an extra grip to fit perfectly on Scaffolds of any height. They come with hot dip galvanized finish which is suitable for high temperature and is corrosion resistant. There are 2 different styles of flat hook plank. Dog Ear which are 9" wide and Canadian which are 9.5" wide.
  • Raised Hook Scaffold Plank

    Raised Hook Steel Plank

    • 9" Wide
    • Hot Dipped Galvanized
    • SSP style plank
    • Aggressive Anti-Slip Surface
    • Extremely Durable